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Great is the art of the beginning, but greater is the art of ending.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the book Necessary Ending’s, Dr. Henry Cloud writes that some endings are just necessary. Necessary for personal growth, for the ability to move on to life’s next chapter, or to be able to become something new and different and fulfill another purpose in life. There are endings that we all face on a weekly basis, some so necessary that we don’t even give thought to them. Some are a little more heart breaking. Some of these endings you give thought to and are still unable to complete the ending. Some are so personal that they seem impossible to end.

Craig and I have come to one of these necessary endings. We have looked it square in the face, we have wrestled it to the ground, we have even brought it back to life and pumped it back up only to be faced with wrestling it again a week or a day later.

For us, our ending is the ending of our business Eddy West.

We have truly lived the American Dream. We had an idea, just a thought. With that and a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico we turned it into a product and with a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears we developed a complete line of furniture. We have just completed our 20th year of business. This product line that started in a small showroom of 10 x 20 with 12 pieces grew to eventually fill a 10,000 square foot showroom with over 300 plus products in the line.

With a vision and a united front, we were able to create and develop a line that sometimes even took us by surprise. We have been extremely blessed and fortunate to have lived this life.

Several years ago we were able to purchase a 90,000 square foot manufacturing building. It is a beautiful manufacturing and corporate office building, something that we could be proud of and grow with. Because of that purchase, we were able to grow the business and move in more directions. A few years after the purchase of this building we experienced the decline of the economy. Many of the stores that we sold to closed their doors over the course of this time. Our business declined as well.

Since that time, our American Dream has been a roller coaster ride. Fortunately for this crazy couple, we love adventure and we are definitely not quitters so we were able to maintain and survive.

This past December we were able to sell our manufacturing facility. In our minds, we were going to continue and move on in a smaller, and more cost effective, production facility. This couple that has lived on a roller coaster the last several years did not think that this was an impossibility. Unfortunately, something so simple became an impossibility because of logistics, government regulations, and a whirlwind of other things. So we are currently a company without a building. With a March move out looming in our future and (note to self here) a manufacturing facility is not a week end move, we have had to make the very difficult decision to have a necessary ending.

As of February, Eddy West will cease to exist.

We have had a wonderful, fulfilled experience in this adventure that God put before us. In it we have met and made friends that we wouldn’t have ordinarily met. We have had opportunities present themselves to us that would have never happened. We have met people that have enriched our lives beyond anything we can even begin to express. Because of our business we were able to start a foundation that was able to minister to people on a local level as well as build several orphanages and complete a radio station in Cambodia.

Because of our American Dream, we were able to become a part of yours. We have been able to share the most intimate rooms in your homes and be a part of your conversations through our products. Please believe that this is not something we ever took lightly. It is with great appreciation and honor that we hold close to us that you allowed us in your personal space.

So now we are asked…what will you do??? Don’t think that we haven’t asked that question to ourselves repeatedly every day since the first of December. We do believe that necessary endings can become new opportunities. Not to be too simplistic sounding but we are waiting to see what the opportunity becomes. Craig and I, as the developers and owners of Eddy West, have learned a great deal through our process and have a great deal of experience behind us. We may start something new and different or we may move in a new direction. Stay tuned is all we can say right now.

Craig and Juli Eddy

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