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August 24th

Was a day that I will never forget!  As the plane tottered toward a looming airport, while lightning flashed around it,  I was wondering if this was “it”.  You know that “it” I’m talking about.  The one you don’t escape.  I wanted to kiss the land when we finally landed.  Instead, I made a bee-line for the airport restroom, as did so many others on that same flight.   I was late in returning to the main area(due to the line up at the stalls).  My dad, who I was traveling with was certain we had missed the person we were to meet.  He hears his name paged and went to the desk where the paging came from.  At that moment, I was a bystander to my future.  My dad immediately started talking to a man that I had never seen and only recently heard of.  After realizing his mistake my dad stopped talking long enough to introduce his daughter to this fine young man.

Our eyes met and I know that I saw fireworks all around.  This was my destiny, this was my soul mate.  I sat in the back seat of his car as we drove off to his office, my dad was in the front seat.  He caught me several times, I’m afraid, looking at him in the rear view mirror.  The trip was over too soon.  I stayed busy while they conducted business.  Later when I got a chance to talk to this person, I am certain that I answered a question, he asked me, stupidly.  I was hoping he hadn’t noticed.  Our trip ended much too fast and my dad and I returned to our life in Indiana.  How would I ever meet this person again, this person who was my destiny?

After a couple of days I told my mom about my experience and wondered how I would ever meet this person again.  My mom suggested that I write a nice note thanking him for picking us up at the airport.  That sounded sane.  So I did!

Well a few weeks later, my destiny showed up at the door of my dad’s store.  You see, my dad and I had picked up a load of Habersham furniture to sell at my dad’s store and the men that loaded the truck, left off an entire order.  So my knight in shining armor delivered the order to us.  Again, our eyes met and my life was never the same.  I spent the next two months of my life going back and forth from Indiana to Georgia and he did the same.  We were married 5 months after we met…on August 24th, and this adventure that our life began has never been dull.  That was 35 years ago and it has truly flown by.

Happy Anniversary Baby!  I love you more every day and I thank God for the joy we have together. You have given me wings to fly and I will love you forever.

Juliann Eddy

A little About Juliann Eddy

Juliann and her husband Craig founded Eddy West 16 years ago. She is passionate about the industry, and loves sharing her inspirations on www.EddyWest.com blog.

    Published: August 17, 2010

    Posted in: Blog

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  • What a beautiful “Happily Ever After” story! Your relationship, which is obviously working is an inspiration to us all!

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