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Colors of Summer

Everyone is always amazed at our color stories and where the names come from.  Well, I have to brag and say that my husband is the romance behind the color.  He comes up with these amazing names that I would never have the patience, let alone the imagination to concur.  A lot of them are truly named after places we have been, some imagined, but all are resourced in some way or another.  And..they fit, they all fit.  To us, color is just so exciting.  It breathes life to an otherwise dull and everyday existence. Color can influence you to have a good day or a great day.

Just now, I am sitting and taking in the colors that are outside my window.  Aside from the hundred different shades of green in the trees the leaves and blades of grass, there are the beautiful blues and pinks of the flowers around my patio.  When I look to the bird feeder, I notice an almost iridescent green of a finch that is there to eat it’s morning breakfast.

Every chance I get I bring the summer inside the house.  The colors of summer always inspire me.  The energy that they create stirs me to want to see more.  As you look around, notice that a green is not just a green and a blue is not just a blue, it could be something completely different.  It could be something that takes you to another place and time.  Something like Arizona Desert, Barcelona Beach, Colorado Winter, England’s Countryside, Flowers of Asheville, Gardens of Vermont, Hills of Georgia, Iceland Morning, Jamaican Coast, Linens of Provence, Mountains of Long Yen, New Delhi Street, Plains of Africa, Russian Palace, Santa Fe Desert, Tapestries of Spain, Ukraine Valley, Villages of Columbia and the Wall-Coverings of Greece.  Do you see it ?  It can take you away if you will let it.

Juliann Eddy

A little About Juliann Eddy

Juliann and her husband Craig founded Eddy West 16 years ago. She is passionate about the industry, and loves sharing her inspirations on www.EddyWest.com blog.

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