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It’s Just Silver

I love silver.  Silver trays, silver teapots, silverware.  I love it all, as is evident in the pleather of silver bracelets that have been on my right arm for the last 34 years of my life.  My mother in law (Joyce Eddy) gave them to me the first year that I was married and thus began the love of silver.   They have become my trademark of sorts.

Lately I have become engrossed once again, with the collection of silver.  It is a magnificent thing.  Yesterday I bought a silverware box full of a mixed batch of flatware.  It was very inexpensive, it looked like…. not much and everyone around me wondered why it was such a treasure.  This morning I unveiled “the ladies” and started on their make over.  Some rubber gloves and a little polish later mixed with some serious arm action and “the ladies” turned into beautiful women.  The sparkle and the shine, it was as if each piece was smiling and singing the Hallelujiah Chorus all at the same time.  While polishing, I imagine another time and place.  Do you remember choosing your flatware pattern?  Well these were all lovingly chosen by ladies, much like you and me, just from another time and place. They served family, friends, business acquaintances.  They came from a time, where people really knew how to entertain.  They graced tables with linen napkins, and tablecloths.  They had a place of honor.  They were sunday dinner, they were Christmas day.  They were the special times of life.

With the changing of time, we have gained a lot but we have also lost a great deal.  We have lost that time when the fork went on the left and the knife ran away with the spoon.  The time when the napkin was folded just so.  The time when the silver ware cabinet was opened because the preacher was coming to dinner.  When I open this particular cabinet, it brings all of that past to my mind.  It is as if the stories are coming out of the cabinet itself.  I am humbled when I think that we try so hard to make something look like it was lovingly used but sometimes there just is no way to put all of the marks in, that love and life put in itself.

Juliann Eddy

A little About Juliann Eddy

Juliann and her husband Craig founded Eddy West 16 years ago. She is passionate about the industry, and loves sharing her inspirations on www.EddyWest.com blog.

1 Comment

  • Fun conversation!
    I love the hotel silver and would love to collect it.
    Not as badly though as I want to own a huge hutch from your company.
    Working toward that now ;)

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