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Think about your home for a minute…

When a friend comes to your front door you let them in and they are usually in your foyer or your entry way.  This is where friends meet friends, introductions are made you welcome them in and bid them goodbye.

Life begins in your home through your front door.

If they are truly good acquaintances you invite them into your family room.  The true nature of the room is revealed in the name of this room alone.  It is such a personal room.  This is a room for your family, your loves.  Inviting them into this room invites them into your life. Most days, the room will reveal what the family has been up to.  A pair of soccer cleats kicked to the side, a puzzle partially put together, a half glass of wine, magazines set to the side.  A great deal about your life can be revealed in your family room.  Some days…maybe more then others.

But the real pulse of the house, the one that really counts, the one where all the serious stuff comes down is the kitchen.  Is there any one place where decisions are made more then at a kitchen table?  I would say with certainty that more serious decisions are made around a kitchen table then around any board-room in any corporation anywhere…period.

My kitchen table is the pulse of my house.  So many things can happen there.  Three girls, twelve years each of school, how much homework is that?  Decisions, decisions, decisions… friends, boyfriends, colleges, jobs, weddings, where to live, what to do, planning trips, tears, laughter (lots of it), joy, fun and that’s just the kids.  Then there is us. Big Mac’s thrown, (ask my husband about that one, I missed, he dodged) cakes eaten, birthday’s celebrated, businesses started, bills to pay, papers to sign, babies to feed, friends for coffee, friends with problems, family meetings, Bible studies, tears again, more laughter and again, lots of joy.  It is the hub of all that happens in the house.

When my husband and I got married, I wanted my kitchen table to be special.  Growing up as a child of the late 50’s early 60’s I knew the kitchen tables importance.  I chose a Habersham 42” round Hutch Table.  There is more homework engraved in the top of that table top then any table that I have ever seen.

My family outgrew the kitchen table but I couldn’t remove the table from my house.  It remained in another room with a tablecloth on top until my first daughter married and went to live in her own house and needed a kitchen table.  So it went to live with her engravings of homework and all.

Furniture should live forever.  It should proudly go to live with one generation to another.  That is what it is all about!  It should be loved and it should show the love that we give it.

Some would have put a pad under the paper so you don’t mar the wood, but I knew.  I knew that one day my girls would go to live on their own and that their young days and their young handwriting shadows would still remain on my kitchen table.  Its precious and I love it and now it’s been passed down to my daughter for all the little marks to be added by her family.

That’s life and that’s what it is all about.  And in my house, that’s how we live.  Yes, pristine rooms and the magazine life is beautiful, but do we live like that and do those people really live?

I think that more so we live with tables that have homework shadows.  So, love your home and show it that you do…

Enjoy…  Juli

Juliann Eddy

A little About Juliann Eddy

Juliann and her husband Craig founded Eddy West 16 years ago. She is passionate about the industry, and loves sharing her inspirations on www.EddyWest.com blog.

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