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We Call It PMS

It’s true, we get it.  It comes four times a year with little bouts in between.  We call it PMS because that is what it is.  We’re stressed, we’re grumpy, we’re agitated and tired.  Our days are long, sometimes nothing goes right, rarely you can see the light at the end of the tunnel…rarely.  Then it’s over.  Somehow you made it and you don’t exactly know how but all of the little pieces are fitting together and then it’s done.

It’s Pre Market Syndrome.  We call it PMS for short because …. that’s what it is.  The symptoms are pretty close to well…you know.  Four markets a year with some small one’s in between.  Four times a year we introduce new pieces, new colors, we completely redo our showroom (depending where the market is) and it gets a little “testy”.

There are always one or two pieces that never quite make it.  They don’t get finished or they never leave the drawing board.  Everyone in product development gets a little frustrated, cranky and irritated.  But then the sun comes up, the clouds part and it’s a new day!

This is what we live for.  It’s what makes our job fun.  Yes it’s trying and sometimes a pain.  Developing new product is like giving birth.  It hurts but then you love what you get from it.  We are so excited about the new things that we have arriving for the October Market in High Point, NC.  It’s a new look and it’s a new day!

Come and see us at Union Square October 16th through the 21st.

Juliann Eddy

A little About Juliann Eddy

Juliann and her husband Craig founded Eddy West 16 years ago. She is passionate about the industry, and loves sharing her inspirations on www.EddyWest.com blog.

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