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Layer upon layer…

Our colors are available in four different options.

The colors posted below are to give an average color tone. Distressing will vary on your piece of furniture and may effect the final color tone slightly. Please Contact us if you would like to purchase a sample block.

Original Color

The original color is one tone.  It can be used alone or layered with another color.  It is called original color because it is the foundation of Eddy West.  It was the first finish that we had and what our company was built on.

The original color can be applied three different ways.   It can be applied just as one color, it can be applied as a color on top of a color or it can be applied as a painted piece with another color as highlights.   Lets work on an example.  Let’s look at the Canadian Cupboard (36-1311).  We can paint it in (let’s do something fun) Cloudy Day Blue.  If we were painting the Canadian Cupboard in one color we would paint it Cloudy Day Blue all over and then choose our aging preference, end of story.

If we were painting the Canadian Cupboard in two original colors we have more choices.  Let’s do Cloudy Day Blue and Coastal Green.  We can paint the Canadian Cupboard Cloudy Day Blue over Coastal Green.  This means that your base is Coastal Green and Cloudy Day Blue is on top.  Then you choose your aging.

We can choose to age it light or heavy.

The light option includes heavy rubbing, which removes paint or stain from the key areas of the piece and adds the chain marks.  It gives our piece a “lovingly used” appearance.

If we choose to distress it heavy, this is a more dramatic aging process in which there is heavier rubbing and hand distressing.  The use of hand gouging, chaining, saw and chisel marks and worm- holes are implemented.  This is more artistic approach that captures the warmth and depth that comes with fine, antique furniture.

Keep in mind the Canadian Cupboard.  If we choose the light distressing on the cupboard you will see a small amount of the Coastal Green under the  Cloudy Day Blue.  If the heavy aging process is chosen, you will notice a dramatic difference of the two colors.

Now to show how unique and custom our furniture can be let’s do this same piece in a color combination.

If we do the Canadian Cupboard in Cloudy Day Blue, we can outline the panels in Coastal Green with a Coastal Green bead-board and Coastal Green knobs.  The top molding could be painted Coastal Green  or the bottom bracket.    Then again, you choose your aging.

Prices for either option are the same.  When ordering, it should be specified how colors are to be placed and layered.  Sometimes printing a photo of the piece with specific color placement is helpful.

This can be a confusing option, but it is what makes each piece customizable to you and you alone.   It is the one option in our line that can make each piece so customized that you know the odds of there being another one like it, would be minor.

Artist Finish and Artist Finish Multi Color Options:

The Artist Finish colors are a hand- applied technique that layers three colors of textured paint.  When you choose an Artist Finish color you are choosing a color that already has a paint base that makes up the other colors.  Most Artist Finish colors either have a red brown or a mustard undertone. This gives the depth of the colors that are applied on top.

Let’s use Arctic Snow as an example.  Arctic Snow has a red brown undertone with Biscuit over Bright Blue as the primary color.  The combination of the colors and the special effects that are implemented by the artist makes these colors stand on their own.

If you choose an Artist Finish Multi, you can choose the placement of the colors or you can give the artist the discretion to choose where the colors are applied.

Just to show you how intense the Artist Finish Multi colors are, let’s use Bahama’s Interiors as an example.  This color has a mustard undertone.  Biscuit over old white are the primary colors. Old white over orchard over parchment are the accent colors. These color combinations are all a part of what make Bahama’s Interior the color that it is.

Both of the Artist Finish and the Artist Finish Multi combinations can be aged in the light distressing or the heavy distressing application.

Artist Finish

Artist Finish Multi

Vintage Finish

Our newest addition to our line of finishes. It is taken from the Original finish color palette.

The Vintage Finish is more about the aging of each piece. Each piece is aged in such a way that it has been taken out of an old farmhouse. With it’s flat lacquer finish and heavily worn look, it is easy to see why it would be mistaken for an old American Primitive. Yet, it is sophisticated enough to be used to store your finest linens.

The level of distressing is not a choice in this color combination because the distressing itself becomes one with the character of the piece.